Thoughtfully crafted with out-of-the-ordinary cultural journeys and wellness-inclusive therapies inspired by Vietnamese herbology.

Namia River Sanctuary, situated on a private island near Hoi An Ancient Town, fuses sustainable living with conscious well-being as the new way to travel and experience the world.

Set in indigenous gardens, the eco-chic concept comprises pool villas with private spa salas, a bio-pool and a nourishing plant-based cafe and academy offering Vietnamese herbalism classes. Highlights of the all-inclusive experience are the Wellness & Herbology centre, comprising personal consultations, hammam rooms, vitality pool and river-view sauna with an outdoor hot tub.

Namia River Sanctuary’s philosophy is built on traditional Vietnamese herbology, plant-based nutrition and community, with a focus on sustainable, bio-sourced materials and wood structures from certified FSC forests to minimise environmental impact.

Scope of Work:

Creative Direction / Concept Development / Technical Services / Project Management

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