We are a Wellness Innovation, Consulting & Management company for Spas, Wellness Resorts & Retreats.

Our Licensed Solutions


For hotels and resorts, or independent spa and wellness centers. This wellbeing solution includes spa license, a selection of plug-in customizations, and supporting operational tools.


Ideal for hotels interested to upgrade services with transformative retreats. This wellbeing solution includes spa and retreat license with visiting practitioner curation.

WELLNESS inclusive

Ideal for owners or operators interested in the pioneering wellness-inclusive movement. This wellbeing solution includes spa license, hospitality consulting, and management.

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Our Support Services

Our agency and academy teams are here to support your project's success. Whether implementing a Lumina licensed solution or a bespoke brand, our aim is to deliver inspired spaces and transformative experiences.



LUMINA Agency is the Brain behind each concept creation, and each story told.

Service highlights:

  1. Wellness Concept
  2. Mindful Branding
  3. Business Strategy
  4. Technical Services
  5. Pre-Opening Support
  6. Spa Training
  7. Wellness Operations


LUMINA Academy is the Heart at the front of each wellness offering.


Spa & Resort

spa, resorts & retreats


The team designed and delivered a unique concept that continues to receive international recognition for the wellness-inclusive concept and the spa cuisine eat-light, feel-bright philosophy. We confidently continue to refer other investors in our network to LUMINA.

Mr. Than Duc Tiet
Founder and CEO of
559 Investment Company
TIA Wellness Resort
What our partners say

Their simple yet effective approach increases long-term value for clients, but above all, their genuine heartfulness, passion, and care to find solutions for customers, consistently going beyond the scope of their work, is what truly sets them apart. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership and look forward to ongoing collaborations on projects together.

Mr. Nam Tran
CEO of HG Holdings
Namia River Retreat
What our partners say

I have worked and respected these team members long before Lumina’s launch, each highly skilled and committed to making a contribution. I search for professionalism and flexibility to make each project more valuable and this team delivers.  Their unique approach is ushering distinctive products to life and pioneering new trends that are on the way to change the market.

Mr. Louk Lennaerts
Chief Visionary Officer
Inspirit Sanctuaries
What our partners say

They have a clear understanding of the project's goals, in-depth competence and experience in the wellness field, and extensive local knowledge. The company's approach, led by Michelle, is very detailed, well-planned, with products tailored to the project.

Mr. David Chang
Founder & Shareholder
Ixora Real Estate
What our partners say

It was a pleasure working with LUMINA team and our team is ready for further cooperation in the future. It feels like a jazz. We as all musicians come to play together, enjoy what we do, knowing our partition and still, adapting to each other to deliver an amazing piece live.

Ms. Marielle Genet
Founder & Creative Director
Lifestyle Connected
What our partners say

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