Our Approach

The Lumina Spa works with the physical, visual, sensory, and emotional senses
to create nurturing experiences imbued with our signature LUMINA vibrations.

Lumina Vibrations

Our holistic approach delivers wellness experiences that transcend traditional spas & hospitality, by empowering individuals to thrive, lighting the way for our collective wellbeing. We created the signature Lumina Vibrations that work with embracing wellbeing from individual cores to extended ecosystems.
Wellness always begins within, integrates and ripples into an ecosystem that requires overall harmony for it to deliver results and feel authentic. It is not just a skill to be trained, but a philosophy to be embodied by the team.

This embodied wellness is our guiding philosophy to wellbeing. We start from within, focusing on the core, to create natural impact on larger scales.

Lumina Spa combines high-tech treatments and the human touch to ground, activate, and elevate our human system through the Lumina Vibrations: Terra - Aura - Sensa.


We stay rooted with our accessible wellness offerings that honour the heritage of the land. We infuse the ancient wisdom of our practices with local ingredients and inspiration. We create warm, grounded spaces using natural and ethical materials.


We inspire and elevate with intuitive sound and energy healing offerings. We facilitate reconnection to heart-self, elevation, and integration to shift our lives. We design spaces that activate the senses by using meaningful light, sound, and scents.


We design warm and nurturing spaces - tangible and intangible - that encourage deep innate exploration and foster a sense of belonging with the essence of human-ness. SENSA breathes life into inspired spaces and offerings with the next paradigm shift in wellbeing - What we feel.

Let’s create

Plan and build your spa and wellness offerings with Lumina Spa. Get in touch with us to discover
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